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1st Annual Europe Hip-Hop Conference

20th Latin Oil Week Upstream 2014

This key annual event for the Latin American Continent, hosted by Global Pacific and Partners is augmented by its special 20th anniversay, as the longest running such event in and or around Latin America, alongside the widely acclaimed 10th Latin Petroleum: Strategy Briefing. Focusing on Latin

Digital Asset Management Chicago 2014

Appreciation of the reach, importance and implications of good digital asset management proceeds apace - it is unstoppable. The challenge is to keep up with all the new developments. Building on the success of previous DAM events, Henry Stewart returns to Chicago for a sixth

2014 International Conference on Culture Creative Industry and e-Business

2014 International Conference on Culture Creative and Industry and e-Business (ICCIB) is scheduled to take place in Shanghai, China, from September 13-15, 2014. The ICCIB Conference aims to provide a communication platform for academics, researchers, graduates and industry professionals to not only present their recent

Night Vision and Thermal Optics 2014

Enhancing handheld sensors and fusion capabilities for individual personnel. Campaign experience has shown that identifying a target in low-light and no-light environments, rather than simply acquiring it, is a paramount requirement for N.V. applications. The challenge is to strike a balance between acquiring and identifying the

Intergovernmental Relations 2014

Preparing for the changes ahead 2014 has already seen significant changes in the area of intergovernmental relations (funding decreased to the states, the abolition of the COAG Reform Council…) And changes look set to continue with the upcoming White Paper’s on Federalism and Taxation. This conference is your