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Let people know where they can follow you, what your topics of interest are and what events you’ll be attending.


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You can find events globally by category, location or date. Feel free to browse events by selecting a topic from the dropdowns or in the footer, or search by simply typing keywords into the search bar in the header.


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Whether attending, speaking or organizing, when you join an event you’ll always receive information on that event immediately. In addition, you’ll receive announcements from the event organizer, have the ability to interact directly with speakers and other attendees, and get a head start on networking.


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Once you’re registered you’re able to register your opinion on your event experience and speakers.  Each event and speaker receives a score that is published so you’ll influence the overall score.
You can even rate an event or speaker anonymously.


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Promoting your event on Conference IQ is free! First, register as an event organizer and then search our directory to see if you event has already been made part of CIQ. If your event is in our directory, there is a two-step process to management of your event profile. Once you have been approved as the manager of a profile, you can edit the profile, receive updates via email and use our site to make announcements to your attendees.


Earn rewards by Raising Your Conference IQ

Earn CIQ points and badges by being active on the site, rating events and speakers and contributing to the making events better. You’ll earn points that will eventually be redeemable for discounts on event registration (more to come on that topic).